Bizzle Picks the Tip-Off Marathon!

With the 2014-2015 college basketball season underway, it’s time for one of the best events in sports, and nope we aren’t talking a Oakland Raiders game. It’s time for the 24-hour Tip Off Marathon! That’s right fellow Junkies, 24 solid hours of college hoops to wet your beaks to start the road to March Madness. Its a thing of beauty. No matter what time you tune into the ESPN family of networks, guess what, there’s a freaking game of hoops on! So not only will I be all hopped up on Mountain Dew and Red Bull (feel free to sponsor), but I, Bizzle, will be picking every game of this blockbuster day. Yes, even the ladies’ games because ladies hoops need love too! Some teams I know better than others and some I couldn’t tell you anything about (nickname included) – like High Point for example. I’m no god of College Hoops but I AM A MAN (Mike Gundy Voice). I, Bizzle, #PutEmOnTheGlass and if A-Rob has the “Stones” he will do the same. But seeing as he is a Panthers fan and is still licking his wounds from Sunday, I wouldn’t count on it (sorry A-Rob fans). So here I go I’m about to throw a wet blanket at some of these picks and hope for the best!

Monday November 17th
No. 8 Baylor over No. 11 Kentucky (Ladies)
No. 7 Florida over Miami
No. 20 Stanford over No. 1 UConn(Ladies)
No. 13 Gonzaga over No.22 SMU
Oregon over Detroit

Tuesday November 18th
Auburn over Colorado
St. Mary’s over New Mexico St.
High Point Over Hawaii
Wofford over Iona
Northern Iowa over Stephen F. Austin
UMass over Manhattan
South Carolina over Baylor
No. 11 Wichita St. Over Memphis
No. 25 Utah over No. 16 San Diego St.
No. 15 VCU over Toledo
No. 4 Duke over No. 18 Michigan St.
Marquette over No. 20 Ohio St.
No. 1 Kentucky over No. 5 Kansas
LSU over Tennessee Tech

Well there it is all, all games during this glorious event! Feel free to trash all the picks made during the 24hr stretch on Twitter @The__Junkies (never forget the double underscore) and hopefully you enjoy this next 24 hours as much as we do!!

Bizzle Picks the Tip-Off Marathon!