Bizzle Picks Week 3: College Edition

With week 3 right around the corner, things are starting to take shape for most teams. For teams like Auburn and Arkansas, who aren’t who we thought they were as Arkansas lost to Toledo(quick name anyone on the Toledo team) and Auburn survived FCS Jacksonville St. in OT, but dropped 12 spots in the poll because of it. Only to draw #13 LSU this week. MSU is your new #4 with a win over Oregon this past Saturday. #8 Notre Dame has lost Zaire and now its starting TE Durham Smythe and Georgia Tech is up next for them. Week 2 saw me go

Thursday September 17th

#11 Clemson over Louisville.

Friday September 18th

#9 Florida St. over Boston College
NR Boise St. over Idaho St.
NR Arizona St. over New Mexico

Saturday September 19th

#4 Michigan St. over Air Force
#17 Texas A&M over Nevada
#22 Missouri over UConn
#16 Oklahoma over Tulsa
NR Duke over #23 Northwestern
#12 Oregon over Georgia St.
#24 Wisconsin over Troy
#1 Ohio St. over Northern Illinois
#25 Oklahoma St. over UTSA
#14 Georgia Tech over #8 Notre Dame
#13 LSU over #18 Auburn
#7 Georgia over South Carolina
#6 USC over Stanford
#3 TCU over SMU
#15 Ole Miss over #2 Alabama
#10 UCLA over #18 BYU
#20 Arizona over Northern Arizona
#21 Utah over Fresno St.

Last week I finish 19-6 which brings my yearly total to 45-9! Can’t wait for week 3 to get underway, feel free to send in your picks as well!

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Bizzle Picks Week 3: College Edition

NBA Preview Series No. 29 Minnesota Timberwolves

  A season after finishing with the worst record in the NBA, there seems to be a lot of optimism for the 2015-16 Timberwolves squad. Last summer they dealt All-Star, and face of the franchise, Kevin Love to Cleveland for the top overall pick in 2014, Andrew Wiggins, as well as 2013 top overall pick, Anthony Bennett. After an awful 14-15 campaign landed them the #1 pick in the lottery, they used it on versatile center Karl Anthony-Towns out of Kentucky.  So for those playing at home, the T-Wolves have the last three #1 picks on their roster as well as other young first-round talent to go with them.

  Let’s begin with last season’s Rookie of the Year, Andrew Wiggins. In Wiggins, the T-Wolves have their superstar in the making. Wiggins averaged 16.9 ppg, which happened to be a cherry on top of his rookie campaign. Everyone knew he was a great defensive talent, but seeing that he could lead the team in scoring on any given night was a huge plus. I expect in year two, with more help around him, that he will lead this team in scoring without question.

I can’t go on without talking about Wiggins’ fellow 2014 lottery pick Zach LaVine. There was that draft day issue where he didn’t seem too thrilled to be headed to Minnesota, which turned a lot of people off. Early on in his rookie campaign he seemed to get lost in games, only showing flashes of his potential. Then All-Star weekend rolled around and he became a household name as he destroyed the Slam Dunk Contest. After that, it seemed he gained some confidence, as he put together a very solid second half, scoring in double figures 18 times, including a 37-point outburst against the eventual world champion Golden State Warriors. He is currently listed as the backup two guard to Kevin Martin, but I expect the T-Wolves to get creative and find a way to have Zach playing with Wiggins as often as possible. Not to mention Kevin Martin could be an attractive piece to a contender come trade deadline time.

  The biggest reason for all the hope in Minnesota is not the return of Kevin Garnett. (Yes, I’ll give you guys who figured he retired a second to wrap your head around that.) It’s #1 overall pick Karl Anthony-Towns, the do-everything center out of Kentucky. He has all the potential in the world. At 6’11” and lanky, he has better range than Okafor out of Philly. He should be able to spread out the defense and keep them honest when he leaks out to that 18-20 foot range, but he can beat up guys in the post. Being a big that can score from anywhere inside the arc will take a ton of pressure off of guys like Wiggins and LaVine, enabling them to get to the basket with ease. If it wasn’t for all the scoring options on Minnesota’s roster he would be the front-runner for Rookie of the Year.

  Unlike the Philadelphia 76ers you can see a light at the end if the tunnel for this young Wolves squad. The plan seems to be working and paying off early if guys like Anthony Bennett can reach his full potential and they find a point guard that people are afraid of (Sorry Rubio, but everyone in the league knows you can’t shoot and it shows.) With a ton of young talent and bringing in guys like KG and Tayshaun Prince to teach these kids how to bark at opponents…..I mean, win at the NBA level, it should be only a couple more seasons before they are competing for a playoff spot in the gauntlet known as the Western Conference. Until then, Wolves fans, enjoy watching this young team blossom.

2015-2016 Prediction: 22-60, but they are on the rise.

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NBA Preview Series No. 29 Minnesota Timberwolves

NBA Preview Series No. 30 Philadelphia 76ers

  The days of Dr. J, Moses Malone and hell, even Allen Iverson are long gone in the City of Brotherly Love. Your 2015-16 Philadelphia 76ers are not playing for titles or even a .500 record – this team is a failure by design. GM Sam Hinkie has the full blessings of ownership to tank to gain as many lottery balls as possible. The hope is to land that elusive top pick which Philadelphia would hope to turn into the future NBA superstar that will take them back to the promised land.

  Well unfortunately, no matter how perfect that plan sounds on paper, the Sixers have been unable to execute it. Some of it has been bad, such as your prized piece in 2014 being #3 overall pick Joel Embiid, who has yet to play in a single game and is expected to sit out 2015-16 due to setbacks with his surgically repaired foot. On the bright side,he will have more time to hone his Twitter game.

  So where does one find positives on a team that finished 2014-15 at 18-64 and, if it wasn’t for the dumpster fire that was the New York Knicks, would have had the worst record in the Eastern Conference. Well, let’s start with their #3 overall pick out of Duke University, Center Jahlil Okafor, who people have pegged as the front runner for Rookie of the Year honors, as well as a 20-point, 10-rebound a night performer. He is the most talented player on this roster right out of the gate. He won’t be competing alone on the front line this season. He’ll be paired with Nerlens Noel, who finished 3rd in ROY voting after missing the entire 2013-14 season due to injury. Noel has the potential to turn into a double-double machine, but his money will be made on the defensive end as well as on the boards. If Okafor and Noel work well off one another, they could be the blocks on which Philadelphia builds for years to come. This would also make Embiid expendable, if he can ever regain his health.

  After that things get a bit harder to see as positives, but bear with me, we are going to try. Most people will tell you that trading former ROY Michael Carter-Williams was a mistake. I am not one of them. I don’t see how keeping him around on a team designed to tank was helpful. There was also that draft day fiasco – the Sixers took Elfrid Payton with the 10th pick (only to trade him later that night) which noticeably didn’t sit will with MCW. They seem to have found a diamond in the rough (sort of) in Tony Wroten. On the surface his 16.9 ppg and 5.2 apg look great, but keep in mind he missed a big part of the year due to injuries. Also, Wroten had never averaged more than 13.0ppg before last season. So one has to wonder if Wroten is simply a product of more chances on a bad team. Can he sustain his success over a full season? And if he does, will he just become another trade casualty? This is the Sixers after all. Be on the lookout for Wroten’s backup Isaiah Canaan. Unlike Wroten, increased playing time and more opportunities will help this former 2nd round pick really blossom into something special. Don’t be surprised if he is starting by mid-season.
  So a team that is dead set on rebuilding thru draft did nothing outside of Okafor to suggest any of the players drafted will be anything more than fliers. Not to mention they drafted all frontcourt help and have about 120 feet of centers and power forwards. The 2015-2016 Sixers are like local road construction. You can see them working on it but always have to wonder if they will ever get it all finished. This season is another ping pong ball grab and nothing more. Sure it’s nice to say #InHinkieWeTrust, but when will Hinkie and the ownership put a clear plan in place to help the City of Brotherly Love make it back to being relevant, not only in the Eastern Conference but the NBA as a whole?

  Season Prediction: 19-63 and that’s being generous, if no one gets traded.

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NBA Preview Series No. 30 Philadelphia 76ers

Bizzle Picks NFL Week 1

It’s time for the professionals to take their much anticipated return to the gridiron. With the Kickoff game slated for Thursday night. As the New England Patriots take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, and yes one Thomas Brady will be under center. Brady was able to stick it to the Commissioners office after a judge threw out his four game suspension for his roll in Deflategate. Have no fear football fans there is plenty of games on this weekend to distract you from Tom Bradys balls. Unlike College Football, the NFLs week one has plenty of interesting matchups. Which include AFC finalist Indianapolis Colts vs the new look Buffalo Bills, also classic matchups like the Packers taking on the Bears and the Giants and Cowboys on Sunday night. So in true Bizzle fashion, I will attempt to pick all the games for week 1 of this upcoming NFL season.

Thursday September 10th:

New England Patriots over Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday September 13th:

Green Bay Packers over Chicago Bears

Houston Texans over Kansas City Chiefs

New York Jets over Cleveland Browns(I’d pick both to lose if possible)

Indianapolis Colts over Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins over Washington Redskins

Jacksonville Jaguars over Carolina
Panthers(Angry Andy Alert)

Seattle Seahawks over St. Louis Rams

Arizona Cardinals over New Orleans Saints

Detroit Lions over San Diego Chargers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Tennessee Titans (Winston/Mariota vol. 1)

Cincinnati Bengals over Oakland Raiders

Baltimore Ravens over Denver Broncos

Dallas Cowboys over New York Giants

Philadelphia Eagles over Atlanta Falcons

Minnesota Vikings over San Francisco 49ers(no need to stay up late East Coast folks. Blowout alert)

So pumped to have actual games starting this week. This weekend has major “Couch Guy” potential written all over it. There will be Cheeto dust on my fingers, crumbs on my shirt and definitely a beer in my hand(oh I know, every ladies dream) as the 2015 NFL season gets underway and hopefully my picks are as good as this season is shaping up to be.

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Bizzle Picks NFL Week 1

Bizzle’s Picks Week 2: College Edition

Week 1 is in the books with not much surprise outside of Texas A&M upsetting then number 15 Arizona St.(which I called) as well as Northwestern over 21 Stanford. There was also a few more closer games then I’m sure people expected (Notre Dame over Texas was not one of them, sorry haters) like TCU struggling with Minnesota(which dropped them to #3 this week). With week 1 in the Books and what a week 1 it was lets look ahead to week 2. There are a few more interesting matchups this week with the biggest one of the year(so far) with Oregon playing Michigan St. in East Lansing. So lets see if I can improve off my impressive 26-3 record, would have been 27 but LSU and McNeese St was cancelled. So here goes nothing.

Thursday September 10th

NR Western Kentucky over LA Tech

Friday September 11th(never forget)

#24 Utah over Utah St.

Saturday September 12th

#11 Florida St. over USF
#6 Auburn over Jacksonville St.
NR Oregon St. over Michigan
NR Purdue over Indiana St.
#12 Clemson over Appalachian St.
#1 Ohio St. over Hawaii
#3 TCU over SF Austin
#16 Georgia Tech over Tulane
#9 Notre Dame over Virginia
#10 Georgia over Vanderbilt
#2 Alabama over Mid Tennessee
#17 Ole Miss over Fresno St.
#15 Arkansas over Toledo
#23 Tennessee over #19 Oklahoma
#22 Arizona over Nevada
#16 Texas A&M over Ball St. (There you go Nick)
#21 Missouri over Arkansas St.
NR ECU over Florida
#4 Baylor over Lamar (by 70)
#8 USC over Idaho
#5 Michigan St. over #7 Oregon
NR Rice over Texas
#14 LSU over #25 Miss St.
#20 Boise St. over BYU (no hail mary this week)
#13 UCLA over UNLV

Well, there it is folks, as always feel free to agree/disagree with these picks. Also be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more.

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Bizzle’s Picks Week 2: College Edition

2015 NFL Predictions

Bizzle is at it again, only this time around its the professionals turn. This 2015 NFL should be as exciting as ever. What better way to start off the season then for Bizzle to make his predictions that are sure to be wrong? There isn’t a better way if you ask me. So find out where your favorite team is projects to finish according to Bizzle. If you think he’s wrong feel free to tell him.

AFC East

New England Patriots 11-5

Miami Dolphins 9-7

Buffalo Bills 8-8

New York Jets 6-10

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens 11-5

Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6

Cincinnati Bengals 8-8

Cleveland Browns 3-13

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts 12-4

Houston Texans 8-8

Jacksonville 7-9

Tennessee Titans 4-12

AFC West

Denver Broncos 10-6

Oakland Raiders 8-8

Kansas City Chiefs 7-9

San Diego Chargers 6-10

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles 12-4

Dallas Cowboys 9-7

New York Giants 8-8

Washington Redskins 2-14

NFC North

Green Bay Packers 12-4

Minnesota Vikings 10-6

Detroit Lions 8-8

Chicago Bears 6-10

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-7

New Orleans Saints 8-8

Atlanta Falcons 7-9

Carolina Panthers 6-10

NFC West:

Seattle Seahawks 10-6

St. Louis Rams 9-7

Arizona Cardinals 7-9

San Francisco 49ers 5-11


NFL MVP: Andrew Luck QB Colts

NFL DPOY: JJ Watt DE Texans

Offensive Rookie: Jameis Winston QB Tampa Bay

Defensive Rookie: Randy Gregory LB Cowboys


NFC Title Game: Eagles over Packers

AFC Title Game: Ravens over Colts

Superbowl 50: Eagles over Ravens

Well there you have it, folks. Make sure to comment your picks, as well as Facebook us, and on twitter @The__Junkies. Best of luck to all your teams this upcoming Football Season. (Even the Patriots)

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2015 NFL Predictions

Junkie’s College Football Playoff Predictions

With College Football set to kick off this wonderful evening and a hopefully Utah putting it to the Maize and Blue. We only figured it would be a good idea to give you something to read leading up to the 2015 season. What better thing to read then four bozos giving out their College Football Playoff predictions! So I got with A-Rob, Baldness and Skezzy to put together who we think will be playing for the Second most important title in college football, the SEC title being number one,of course (That’s at least how ESPN sees it)

A-Rob: 1. Ohio St. 2. Alabama 3. Baylor 4. Oregon

Bizzle: 1. Ohio St. 2. TCU. 3. Clemson 4. USC

Baldness: 1. Ohio St. 2. TCU 3. USC 4. Purdue (either he is drunk and spelled “Auburn” wrong or this is a huge homer pick)

Skeezy: 1. Ohio St. 2. Auburn 3. Oregon 4. Georgia Tech

So there’s all of our final four predictions for the 2015 College Football season. Feel free to comment and tell us yours, or to rip ours apart! Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

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Junkie’s College Football Playoff Predictions