Bizzle’s Week 1 Picks: College Football Edition

College football is back, baby! So every week I’ll be picking all the top 25 (according to ESPN) games, as well as some intriguing non-top 25 games on the schedule. Week 1 doesn’t figure to much of a surprise as most teams are in full on cupcake mode, but who cares? College football is real, once again, and its spectacular!

Thursday September 3:

#16 Georgia Tech over Alcorn St.
#2 TCU over Minnesota
#22 Arizona over Texas San Antonio
NR Utah over Michigan
NR North Carolina over South Carolina
NR Western Kentucky over Vanderbilt

Friday September 4th (Happy B-Day Colin)

#5 Michigan St. over Western Michigan
#4 Baylor over SMU
#23 Boise St. over Washington
NR Kent St. over Illinois

Saturday September 5th

#21 Stanford over Northwestern
#9 Georgia over Louisiana Monroe
#17 Ole Miss over Tennessee-Martin
#12 Clemson over Wofford
#13 UCLA over Virginia
#18 Arkansas over UTEP
#6 Auburn over Louisville(in a close one)
#24 Missouri over Southeast Missouri. St.
#25 Tennessee over Bowling Green
#19 Oklahoma over Akron(sorry LBJ)
NR Texas A&M over #15 Arizona State
#14 LSU over McNeese St.
#11 Notre Dame over Texas
#7 Oregon over Eastern Washington
#3 Alabama over #20 Wisconsin(props to both schools for scheduling big early)
#10 Florida St. over Texas St.
#8 USC over Arkansas St (BYOB)

Sunday September 6th

NR Marshall over Purdue(sorry Baldness)

Monday September 7th

#1 Ohio St. over Virginia Tech.
I know everyone has the Buckeyes on Upset Alert but I do not. Ezekiel Elliott is a Bad man and will make all the difference come Labor Day!

So, there you have it folks all games are picked and in the books. Not a ton of shocks in week one but, hey I can’t help that schools don’t schedule harder games. Please feel free to comment or post any game I may have missed that you find interesting, or just to tell me all my picks suck. All that matters though is that College Football is back and I can’t wait!

Bizzle’s Week 1 Picks: College Football Edition

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