Bizzle’s Picks Week 2: College Edition

Week 1 is in the books with not much surprise outside of Texas A&M upsetting then number 15 Arizona St.(which I called) as well as Northwestern over 21 Stanford. There was also a few more closer games then I’m sure people expected (Notre Dame over Texas was not one of them, sorry haters) like TCU struggling with Minnesota(which dropped them to #3 this week). With week 1 in the Books and what a week 1 it was lets look ahead to week 2. There are a few more interesting matchups this week with the biggest one of the year(so far) with Oregon playing Michigan St. in East Lansing. So lets see if I can improve off my impressive 26-3 record, would have been 27 but LSU and McNeese St was cancelled. So here goes nothing.

Thursday September 10th

NR Western Kentucky over LA Tech

Friday September 11th(never forget)

#24 Utah over Utah St.

Saturday September 12th

#11 Florida St. over USF
#6 Auburn over Jacksonville St.
NR Oregon St. over Michigan
NR Purdue over Indiana St.
#12 Clemson over Appalachian St.
#1 Ohio St. over Hawaii
#3 TCU over SF Austin
#16 Georgia Tech over Tulane
#9 Notre Dame over Virginia
#10 Georgia over Vanderbilt
#2 Alabama over Mid Tennessee
#17 Ole Miss over Fresno St.
#15 Arkansas over Toledo
#23 Tennessee over #19 Oklahoma
#22 Arizona over Nevada
#16 Texas A&M over Ball St. (There you go Nick)
#21 Missouri over Arkansas St.
NR ECU over Florida
#4 Baylor over Lamar (by 70)
#8 USC over Idaho
#5 Michigan St. over #7 Oregon
NR Rice over Texas
#14 LSU over #25 Miss St.
#20 Boise St. over BYU (no hail mary this week)
#13 UCLA over UNLV

Well, there it is folks, as always feel free to agree/disagree with these picks. Also be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more.

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Bizzle’s Picks Week 2: College Edition

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