An Open Letter to Odell Beckham Jr.

Dear Mr. Beckham Jr.
You don’t know me, but I’m writing due to your actions on Dec. 20 against the Carolina Panthers and most notably Josh Norman. I’d like to start off by saying, I’m not going to act like that lady from Tennessee who thought Cam Newton dancing ruined her child. I’m here to talk to you about something much much more important than how your actions affect the youth of America. Your actions on Dec. 20 cost me $200! Thats right, I play fantasy football, and your selfish behavior out there cost me a fantasy football championship. The grand prize for that title? Yup, you guessed it, $200!
I understand a gentleman such as yourself who makes the cover of video games and magazines doesn’t care about $200, but I can assure that I do, Odell. Do you understand what kind of difference 200 big ones would make to a guy like me? You should have thought about me and the and the entire fantasy football world when you half-ass slapped Josh Norman.
Sure, I can sit there and blame the referees for not throwing you out of that game (which may have saved you from a suspension), but I’m not going to be that guy. If I would’ve known you were going to torpedo yourself into the head of Josh Norman back in August I wouldn’t have drafted you for $45! What good is my highest paid player if he is unplayable in the most important week of my fantasy football life? I’m no spring chicken and don’t know how many more chances I have to make it back to the elusive OC Fantasy Football championship game.
What exactly were you attempting to accomplish out there? I’m sure Josh Norman said some things but did that give you the right to go batshit crazy and cost me and thousands of others money and a potential life-changing championship? I hope that Sunday, when you were sitting at home watching your team get blasted by the Minnesota Vikings, you were thinking about me and the fact that I had to start the far inferior Devin Funchess, who can’t catch a ball with two hands better than you can with one. Yes, Odell, this is a deep 14-team league and my waiver options were limited. Odell, you really put a damper on my first crack at a championship and my chances at $200! So tonight when you are out at the club or whatever it is that you do, I hope this gets sent to you and you do the right thing and write me a check for $200 to make up for immature, selfish and asinine behavior.
There, the ball is in your court, Odell. Do the right thing here and ease the pain of a die-hard fantasy football player who’s counted on  you  from day one. Sure, I could have taken Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, AJ Green or even Golden Tate (hell, he’s actually playing this week), but I chose you and kept up my end of the deal when entering into this partnership. I kept you in the lineup every week come hell or high water. Remember your combined 7.9 points in two games against Dallas? Well I do, and I still kept you in there. This will be the first week all season you don’t play and that’s on you, not myself, not the refs, not a baseball bat, not some trash talk or even Josh Norman. It’s on you and I believed in you all season, so Odell, I urge you to continue to make a believer out of me and do the right thing and send that check to help ease the pain of this fantasy football owner’s now-awful championship week. I had huge plans for my title reign and now I must think about what could have been.
I cannot stress this enough, you really let me down sir. do the right thing here and don’t make me have to resort to starting a GoFundMe page to get what should be coming to me. I know you are short a bit of money with the holidays and that whole lost-game-check thing so I’ll wait as long as it takes. Have a wonderful weekend, Odell, hope to hear from you soon.


An Open Letter to Odell Beckham Jr.

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