1. Golden State Warriors 65-17

Don’t mind us we just won 73 games and added arguably the 2nd best player on the planet. I  won’t be saying anything you guys don’t already know so NEXT…….

2. Los Angeles Clippers 60-22
Having the Clippers at #2 in the West may be a stretch but who Else is good enough to take this spot?  on paper the Spurs look the part but you know Pop loves to rest his guys for postseason success rather than Regular season wins. The Clippers still have CP3, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordon(who probably still can’t decide between Dallas and LA) The Clippers know this window to make a WCF is closing and with Paul Pirece retiring at seasons end what better time than now for Doc and the boys to play with a chip on there shoulder and go chase down the Warriors in the West. 

3. San Antonio Spurs 55-27 
Gone is that best PF to ever lace then up in Tim Duncan, and sure Manu and Tony Parker are another year older. So your probably thinking this is the year the Spurs drop off, well you’d be wrong just like when you said it last season and a the one before that and the one before that. I’m convinced this team will never die Pop is hands down the best coach in the league and with a front office who rarely makes mistakes it’s a recipe for success, and oh yeah having Aldridge and Leonard in their primes doesn’t hurt your chances. 

4. Portland Trailblazers 52- 
5.Dallas Mavericks
6. Utah Jazz

7. Oklahoma City Thunder

8.  Minnesota Timberwolves

9. Memphis Grizzlies 41-41 

This team more than any team in the NBA is going to need everyone on their roster to stay healthy. Which unfortunately won’t be the case as you paid 94 million dollars to injury risk Chandler Parsons. If everyone can stay healthy this team is no doubt a playoff team but that’s a huge if. There is a serious lack of depth behind the starters, that’s what happens when you drop 247 million dollars on two players. Z-Bo and Gasol Should continue to be a top front court tandum and keep them in most games. 

10. Houston Rockets 37- 45
Did any team in the league have a more perfect marriage of two people like the Rockets did with James Harden and Mike D’antoni? I think not. Harden who’s notorious for his lack of interest in defense(that’s being nice) and D’antoni and his defense is optional approach what a joyous matrimony. It’s great scoring 120 points a game but when you are giving up 125 it doesn’t even matter. If you like buckets this is the team for you but if you like winning at a .500 or above clip I’d look elsewhere this season. 

11. Denver Nuggets 35-47 
Quick Casual NBA fan name a Denver Nugget….ill wait. This team isn’t built around and big name guys but they are going to be sneaky fun and a great League Pass option. Muddiay should take another step forward in leading this team pairing him with Jamaal Murray this year’s lottery pick gives the Nuggets a ton of upside in the back court. Those two will get tested often as the West back court play is loaded but it will be fun to see them progress. 
12. New Orleans Pelicans 30- 52 
If Anthony Davis is healthy all season this could change but that being said their isn’t much around this future MVP. They drafted Buddy Hield  but I haven’t seen enough from him to say he is going to have a massive impact year one. The Center spot and Point Soot on this team are awful to say the least but they still have Davis and that’s reason enough to keep then out if the cellar of the West. 
13. Phoenix Suns 26- 56

14. Sacramento Kings 23-59 
 While the rest of the league has gone guard heavy and a more fast paced tempo the Kings went the exact option of that by drafting 362728 feet of centers over the past few years not to mention them already having an All Star caliber center in Boogie Cousins. Nothing about this Kings team makes sense or looks as if it’s going to work. Bringing in Dave Joeger will help as he attempts to rebuild not only a team but a culture in Sacramento. Sure Joeger had success with Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph in Memphis but outside of Boogie who’s going to be the #2 option gor the Kings. Before you answer with “Rudy Gay” he’s probably going to get dealt to a contender buy the deadline. 

15. Los Angeles Lakers 20-62 

I know Lakers fans will be pissed off at this Rankings but the Lakers are going to putting out some very young inexperienced lineups for a lot of this season. It will take time to gel in LA with new head coach Luke Walton installing his system. The core is there in: Russell, Ingram, Randle and Clarkson now let’s see if they can play together with some sort of cohesion. Not to mention it’s in the Lakers best interest to not be very good as they lottery pick is top 3 protected anything outside of tthe too 3 heads to Philadelphia and in a deeper draft you don’t want a potential franchise player to be in another uniform. 


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