Tip Off Marathon Picks!!



It’s the most wonderful time of the college basketball season!! Ok, that may have been a bit strong. It’s like the 4th or 5th best thing about the college basketball season, after March Madness, conference tournaments, Nathan Giese’s hot takes and Jay Bilas’ anti-NCAA rants. I’m talking about every college basketball junkie’s dream: 24+ hours of non-stop hoops action.

Tonight at 6 pm, starting with some ladies hoops action, going all the way until the final buzzer of Duke/Kansas on Tuesday night, that’s a whole lot of good basketball, and seeing as how, in the 9th year of this beautiful marathon, I am an adult with real world responsibilities, I most likely won’t make it all the way through. Sorry haters, but my boss won’t be understanding if I oversleep for work because I just had to see the Longwood/Stephen F. Austin slugfest.

That said, I got nothing but respect for anyone that can stay up for the entire marathon, and if you can and do I expect Tweets with updates on the action. So in true Bizzle fashion I will pick this entire marathon game by game even though I have no clue about the teams. I have no clue who is on Hawaii’s roster but I’m picking their game regardless. That’s the beauty of America – I can blindly pick college basketball games that start at 4:15 am! Keep in mind while reading these picks, I picked the game like two weeks ago and am only writing the open today. The ranked teams may not be ranked in the same spots anymore, and given that Kansas and Michigan State both lost on Friday it could take some shine off the Champions Classic. But it doesn’t take away from the excitement of wall to wall basketball to begin the college basketball season. As always feel free to pick against me and send in your thoughts on the Tip Off Marathon!!

 November 14th


No. 4 UConn over No. 15 Florida St. (Women)


No. 10 Standford over No. 6 Texas (Women)


BYU over Princeton

Tuesday November 15th


Gonzaga over San Diego State


Green Bay over Pacific


Hawaii over Florida Atlantic


Niagara over Hartford


Winthrop over Manhattan


Stephen F. Austin over Longwood


Dayton over Alabama


No.10 Oregon over Baylor


No. 3 Kentucky over No. 13 Michigan State


No. 1 Duke over No. 4 Kansas

Tip Off Marathon Picks!!

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